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Staunton was created for a reason (see Staunton Origin). But why not have a staunton based design with a significant tweak on the style – an unusual chess set. Of course, it’s still a quality product, and still crafted with great skill, many are still weighted, and most of ours are Staunton based.

But with the increased popularity of chess, many more unusual designs are available and are a perfect unique gift idea. An unusual chess set, something that isn’t seen in many homes but we hope it will be in yours soon.

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    Artistry in Play: The Keith Haring Chess Set (E2056)

    Dive into the perfect blend of art and strategy with our exclusive 'Artistry in Play: The Keith Haring Chess Set.' Inspired by the iconic artist's dynamic style, each meticulously crafted wooden piece brings Haring's vibrant energy to the chessboard. Elevate your game and ...

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    Berkeley Chess Ornate Staunton made from Stone (M2116)

    Full size staunton chess set made from crushed stone and high quality resin to form a beautiful red staunton design. Since it's made from stone it's nicely weighted and feels solid and heavy. The pieces are felted on the bases, and the set is full size (King 4"). The whole ...

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    Very Large Fantasy Chess Set – Brown (TH2124)

    Absolutely stunning very large chess set in a fantasy theme in cream and brown. Made from crushed marble, the fantasy chess set is remarkably heavy, and nothing short of excellent! Immerse yourself into an epic fantasy battle against your opponent with these amazingly ...

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    Very Large Viking Raiders Chess Set – Brown (TH2125)

    Beautiful very large dramatic set of chess pieces depicting the Viking Raiders in Cream and Brown and made with crushed marble. The King weighs over 120g, is 5″ high, and has a base felted diameter of 2″. The size of this chess set is only one of the stunning and remarkable ...

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    Reproduction Antique Camel Bone John Calvert Chess Set (XX2006)

    One of the recognised designs of chess sets by John Calvert - slightly weighted as the genre demands. A beautiful bone chess set and a wonderful example of period chess sets. This is a bone reproduction, and comes with the love and care of modern day artisans. The set is a ...

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    Alexander the Great in Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces (X3054)

    Another staunton work of art in pure grade one Bud Rosewood, with a Knight that is outstanding, graceful, elegant and delightfully different. This set was designed for the chess olympiad in Turin. Triple weighted, double queens, felted bases - a wonderful set and a bold ...

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