Theme Heritage Decorative Chess Sets

Chess Pieces and Chess Sets in Historical themes

Our theme decorative chess sets are high quality productions that have no equal available in terms of quality and finesse.


Heritage chess pieces are highly sought after in collectable markets. The fact that these highly prized pieces are completely hand made makes high volume production impossible. Our range features the best three decorative chess set manufacturers in the world: Berkeley Chess (the world theme chess leaders), Mascott and SAC. These type of theme chess products are collected by many theme chess aficianados throughout the world.

It’s not easy getting a successful set of theme chess pieces together. The set must be representative of the occasion, setting and history. The Isle of Lewis chess set is the most famous theme chess set, recognised the world over. The chess pieces were discovered in 1831 along a deserted coastline in the Hebridian Island of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland, by a peasant while chasing a cow. He stumbled upon a stone chamber originally buried under several feet of shifting sand. In the chamber he discovered 78 chessmen carved from morse ivory (fossil remains of walrus tusks). Our representation of this important historic discovery must be true and accurate. Our example is favourably comparable to the original set now in the National Museum of Scotland. All our theme chess sets are the highest quality Berkeley (the World Leader in Decorative chess), SAC or Mascott chess sets, whether The Battle of Waterloo, The Civil War or something more frivolous like Alice in Wonderland.

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