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About Us

ChessBaron USA

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ChessBaron USA is headed by Baron Turner. Baron launched ChessBaron USA in 2004, in order to provide high quality chess related goods to the American market. His research showed that many US stores sell chess sets for ridiculously high prices and that online sites gave little more than a thumbnail image and a product title and expected customers to buy. He knew that the whole approach was at odds with the needs of the American consumer who likes to shop around and compare and find the best deal.

And they find the best deal at ChessBaron. How? The right relationship with suppliers can’t be gained overnight. We have developed those relationships over the last 12 years that allows us to offer great products at great prices. We are a 100% e-tailer. If you want a chess set, come to the store that serves chess players in America – ChessBaron.

You’ll find that at Chess Baron, we provide you with all the information we can to help you make your purchase decision. Browse through our hand-picked range of chess sets. Have a look at the large number of images we provide. See your chess set from different angles in large screen resolution. Inspect the clear detail of the pieces and the overall craftsmanship that sets our products apart from the competition. Check the price. Now you know why Chess Baron is the fastest growing player in this market. 

About Chess Baron

ChessBaron is a family owned company. The owner is Baron Turner. The inspiration behind our remarkable photography is John Turner, assisted by Margaret Turner. John has been central to the company since inception and now manages the critical area of site photography.